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We organise social events and run a community support group for all Asian LGBT people. We have been supporting the Asian LGBT community since 2014. Our group provides a safe space to meet and socialise with all Asian LGBT community. We hold monthly support/social group meetings in Rochdale and Manchester.  Each month we arrange a social gathering for members to socialise and meet each other. The meetings are both educational and social.  We also invite guest speakers to attend some of the meetings to discuss mental health, sexual health, hate crime etc. We also organise trips to various tourist locations in the UK, coffee mornings and curry nights. On our monthly meetings, we provide tea and coffee for the group attendees.  







most common information provided by our guest speakers

Sexual Health

Sexual health is a huge issue for Gay and Bisexual Men (sometimes called MSM or Men who have Sex with Men). Sexual Health is important to any and all individuals. Looking after your sexual health is just as important as looking after your own mental or physical health.

HIV Awareness


  1. KNOW- get the facts about HIV and AIDS
  2. TALK- start the conversation
  3. PROTECT - for you & those you love
  4. TEST - know your status
  5. TREAT - stay healthy, protect others  

Our speakers provide  all information about testing/ clinic

Mental Health & Wellbeing

Research shows that LGBT people are particularly vulnerable to developing mental health problems due to the homophobia, discrimination and oppression that exists within society. It is not surprising, therefore, that this community is more likely sometimes to self-harm, feel suicidal, experience depression, misuse alcohol/drugs, suffer from anxiety or develop problems with food.  

Being LGBT, however, does not necessarily mean that you will experience poor mental health. It does mean, however, that we need to spend as much time looking after our mental health as we do with our physical health.

When you are mentally healthy you feel good about yourself, enjoy relationships, learn confidently and overcome your difficulties. When you aren’t, you may feel overwhelmed by misery, anger or fear.

Hate Crime


  • You have been or are a victim or a witness to hate crime and/or incidents
  • You are experiencing abuse from your partner or family member
  • You have been subjected to discrimination
  • You have been the victim of sexual violence

If Yes?  We Support you in your disclosure and reporting of incidents  


We Help You

If you’ve experienced hate crime, sexual violence or domestic abuse, we’re here for you. We provide you information related your issues, We provide you contact details of all helpful organisations.  






WE provide you

Friendly Place


Meet New People & Make Friends 

Social Gathering


We provide you a social gathering platform 



Help you to live your life  free from fear

We DO NOT provide ANY Immigration advice

We are not able to provide legal advice on Asylum & immigration.  The Government provides a directory of specialist immigration advisers; some of these may charge for a service, some do not. Please use this directory to find a specialist adviser to support you.